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Pipeline Robot\Solutions to the Pipeline Inspection and Data Platform

Pipeline Robot\ Solutions to the Pipeline Inspection and Data Platform

Tetra’s pipeline robot and its status inspection system have been widely used in the nuclear electrical field. From R&D input to project implementation, Tetra’s solution has successfully solved the operational evaluation problem of the circulating water pipe within the nuclear power station. The solution system involves four steps, which are the pipeline condition monitoring, the pipeline corrosion detection performed by the intelligent robot, the automatic modeling assessment of any pipe defect and automate output the analysis result.

Capabilities and characteristics of the nuclear power pipeline solution

  • Pipeline Robot

    Adapt to the pipeline inspection above DN 300
    Maximum cruising ability up to 500m
    Module design for the robot structure,
    Easily go through the horizontal and vertical curve,
    Complex scenes,
    Expansible mechanical arm and NDT inspection equipment,
    Support customization requirements.
  • Pipeline Status Monitoring

    Monitor pipeline production operation and maintenance ,
    Monitor Pipeline stress capability ,
    Monitor pipeline corrosion status,
    Monitor pipeline cracking status
    Monitor pipeline defects and thickness.
  • Pipeline Lifetime Management

    The ultimate goal of the solution is to ensure the balance among reliability, performance and cost of the maintenance strategy. It is an integrated management to the pipeline operation, overhaul and maintenance status, which is to maximize the validity of pipeline lifetime.

Monitoring Platform of Nuclear Power Pipeline Data

Owns 12 professional models of metallic corrosion and defect evaluation

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