3D Digital Power Station System

3D Digital Power Station System

The digital power plant is a digitally simulated model of the real power plant. Such simulation is based on relevant data collected from the product life cycle, and it also uses geospatial information(GIS), virtual reality (VR), and Internet of Things (IOT)as technology support. The 3D Digital power station system enables out client to manage geographic information data, equipment data, production data and business systems comprehensively. Plus, the system is also able to monitor, evaluate and optimize the production process, which would further expanded to the overall product life cycle as a new production organization approach.

Functions of 3D Digital Power Station

●Modeling and simulating the production environment and the production process, digitalize and visualize the overall operation and maintenance
●Based on information physical fusion system CPS, and combined with SIS / DCS / moving ring / monitoring / subsystem
●In-depth integration of power plant logistics path, equipment status, temperature cloud map, and video surveillance

Digitalized Application Direction

  • Digitalized 3D Thermal Power Plant

  • Visualized Underground Pipe Gallery

  • 3D Virtual Control Center

  • 3D Visualization of Nuclear Power
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