Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management (APM) is a suite of software and services that is based on industrial internet. It uses data analytics to reduce unplanned asset downtime, to improve reliability and capacity, to minimize costs as well as to reduce operational risks. APM covers a variety of industrial asset requirements, including machine and equipment health, reliability management and maintenance optimization.

APM Platform Features

  • Establish Connections

    APM provides a single, secure approach to collect data from various assets and systems so that to create a comprehensive and efficient database. APM application gives you a unified, complete, and accurate view of your operation—connecting channels of the asset, device, and enterprise at anytime and at anywhere.
  • Obtain Insights

    Once connected to your device, the APM app monitors your assets and give you alerts of any unusual behavior. APM is able to predict issues with devices before they occur, which means you can delegate your resources to places where you need them. When problems arise, APM offers a comprehensive case/knowledge management and therefore ensuring to capture your best practices, which would be used for future practices.
  • Achieve Optimization

    The ultimate goal of APM is to determine a maintenance strategy that balances reliability, performance, and cost. APM allows you to use a real-time and predictive maintenance approach instead of an unpredictive maintenance approach. APM takes optimization to a whole new level. It offers you a comprehensive, financially optimal asset management strategy with a quantitative base.

APM Platform Capability

APM Core Value

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