Orbital Inspection Robot

The orbital inspection robot is mainly used for daily inspection of electric power tunnels and urban underground pipe corridors. By laying aluminum alloy tracks, robots can operate in complex tunnels quickly and steadily. The robot is equipped with high-definition cameras and thermal imaging lenses. It conducts regular inspections to key inspection points. The robot is also equipped with sensors of harmful gases, smoke, temperature and humidity to monitor the tunnel environment data at all times.

Video InspectionThermal Imaging DiagnosisHarmful Gas DetectionAuxiliary Fire ControlEmergency Communication

Trackway Mounting

High strength aluminum alloy track
Minimum turning radius 1500mm
Maximum inspection speed 2.5m/s
Body weight 45kg
Supports up to 10,000 inspection points

Infrared Thermal Imaging Diagnosis

It has the function of detecting rising cable temperature, positioning equipment abnormal ignition point. When there is a fire, the robot can quickly reach the point and then efficiently locate the fire point according to the regional temperature characteristics.

Temperature, Humidity and Harmful Gas Detection

Temperature sensor, humidity sensor, smoke sensor. Gas detection of methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, ammonia, etc.

Intelligent Operation and maintenance management platform

Seamless connection with control center’s large screen
Real-time delivery of image data
Sound and light alert system
Centralized Robot task management
Playback of historical data analysis

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