Pipeline Robot

The T1 nuclear power Pipeline Robot and maintenance robot is equipped with three high-definition cameras. The main camera uses a 30x optical zoom lens, which has the "microscope" General inspection capability. It is equipped with a 360-degree free-rotation pan/tilt system which is able to detect any defects in the pipeline. After the pipeline is inspected by the robot, all videos and sensor data are imported into the status analysis software that is able to analyze the data of the suspected defect locations. Combing with the big data computing technology, this software offers a multi-dimensional, quantitative and graphical defects reports to clients.

Nuclear power structure and protection design

Adapt to the inspection of pipelines above DN300
Maximum endurance capacity of 500m
Modular body structure design
Smoothly pass through complex scenes such as horizontal/vertical bends and valves
Expandable robot arm and NDT inspection equipment
Support customized needs

Intelligent magnetic adsorption technology

TThe first magnetic absorption control unit, which can perfectly absorb complex paths in the pipeline, is based on magnetic and speed real-time closed-loop F-PI Algorithm which can perfectly absorb complex paths in the pipeline. For the non-magnetic pipelines such as plastic steel and stainless steel, the introduction of NASA bio-absorbed material which comes from the United States, can achieve high-strength adsorption capacity for pipelines.

3D high precision modeling of pipeline

High precision modeling of pipeline defects
Automatic path trajectory modeling
3D points cloud modeling
Defects data modeling

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