Power Industry Drone

Tetra 's UAV system was developed and optimized for the applicational needs of the power industry. The UAV can meet various flying scenario requirements, support indoor positioning and navigation technology, and possess the capability of carrying high-definition visible light camera and thermal imaging load. Combined with intelligent control system, Tetra’s UVA’s can fly automatically following the planned path as the images can be returned to ground station’s dual-screen, providing remote control of the docking control center.

  • M10 quadrotor industrial drone

    Carbon fiber fuselage
    Symmetrical motor wheelbase 650mm
    Machine weight 2560g
    40 minutes battery duration
    Airborne quad-core embedded computer
    Support UWB indoor positioning
    Fully automatic remote control
    Mountable thermal imaging load
    Mountable sensor
  • M30 spherical anti-collision indoor drone

    Carbon fiber anti-collision fuselage
    Body diameter is less than 400mm
    Machine weight 810g
    12 minutes battery duration
    Support for thermal video inspection
    Complete indoor environment flight
    Support high definition cameras
    Low battery automatic landing
  • M20 six-rotor high-stability drone

    Carbon fiber fuselage
    Six-way redundant navigation system
    Symmetrical motor wheelbase 1133mm
    Machine weighs 10kg
    45 minutes battery life
    Mounts visible light and thermal imaging simultaneously
    Support ground station dual screen
    Automatic remote control
    Interface for Control center screen display

Thermal imaging recognition

Tetra Electronic Image Recognition Cloud Computing Center Server uses intelligent image recognition technology based on deep learning engine to automatically process thermal imaging videos captured by drones. It can number PV modules and identify defective PV panel temperature information and automatically generate inspection report.

3D mapping modeling technology

Based on the triangular prism splitting method, the irregular triangular prism "cutting" model algorithm can be used to realize high-precision calculation and modeling of large stack volume. The software uses a 64-bit multi-core and multi-threaded processing unit to easily process tens of millions of point cloud data, which is able to reduce the total data processing time to less than 20 minutes.

High precision indoor positioning technology

UWB's indoor navigation function can be selected for the UAV system. The self-invented high-precision indoor positioning technology ensures Tetra’s drone is able to navigate independently even within indoor areas(without GPS signals), Tetra’s drone can fully navigate independently. The seamlessly integration with outdoor positioning GPS navigation signals ensures Tetra’s drone can meet complex flight scenarios.

Intelligent ground station mission system

After the completion of drone deployment, the flight path and coal mine location are automatically saved. Based on the fully automatic flight control system, for every coal drilling operation users only need to open the software to take off the drone and it will follow the set route automatically. After the flight is completed, it will automatically land to the stop point without manual intervention.

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